onsdag 13. august 2008

NU THANG! Weezy Wednesday; Tha First!

Most of the blogs I read gotz some post with a day, they post new things every week, that weekday comes; like "remix mondays" or "I can lick my toe songs friday".
So I figured I'll start a weezy wednesday, kinda catchy since both words strat on W. Ye! On every weezy wednesday I will post nu remixes of ma mayne lil Wayne! Since he is the most remixed artist in the world, that shouldnt be a problem.

Hehe, yeah, father'n' son love. Hur sum daddy ft. son elecgangsta mix up.
Birdman & Lil Wayne-Pop Bottles(Yea Man remix)
Hur sumtin' that me 'n' ma homeboy Knask made, mmmhmmm, I love dat mash potato!
Lil Wayne-Go Dj(Forcekill+ friends(Aron+Doc.Yeah & Knaska)mix)
And for all the lovers, a sessual song. Disco Villains makes it hot fo'yall, if you wanna have aggresive robotdance sex=P
Lil Wayne-Lollipop(Disco Villains style)

Yepp yepp. Hope you like it, I do.
And yeah, buy Tha Carter 3, iz gangsta!

GET THIS SHIT ON HYPEM! I donno how to do it.

Bouns: Blast From Tha Past!
Read and hear this recent post of ma mayne Mad Magz, geart remixes that me and him found. Iz gonna knock you the fuck out!
Crunka Tuesday #1
Funny, where did "Crunk Thuesday #2" go? Fail.

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