onsdag 6. august 2008


The Australian electro scene is kicking ass atm, and new kid on the block, Redial, is no exception. He's an up and comming producer, and has recentrly released his first ep 'ghost' on ajax' label sweat it out. And now he's back with this Disco Surfer remix from Giko, wich sounds really cool, tough i think some of his old tracks sounds even more amazing, so i'll post some of them to when we're still at it.


Disco Surfer - Redial Remix
(ZS) (Meadiafire)

Redial - Starscream (ZS) (Meadiafire)
Eclier - Boxon Say Hello (Redial Remix) (ZS) (Meadiafire)
Redial - Nighthawk (ZS) (Mediafire)
Redial - Camileon (ZS) (Meadiafire)
Redial - 1985 (Feat. Smacktown) (ZS) (Meadiafire)

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