fredag 29. august 2008


Friday, and all the kids are going out to selebrate the start of the weekend. Me? I'm inside and enjoing the sun, looking up some new music. The goal is to find the best song ever. Maybe it does not exitst? and maybe it does?
I'm comming over some great stuff on the way though.
Three Six Mafia-Stay Fly(Mstrkrft edit)
Ah, Since Flosstradamus did Act a Fool we danced to hip-hop versus electro. The two genre mix up in a dirtydansing wonderchild. Which is kicking ass. I like these "hiptro" mixes, and especially when it's done of the masters of the craft, and with gangsta ass dirty south Three Six. It's a cool thing to do by Mstrkrft.
Dj Maxentropy-The Way We Go
Hehe, allways Kc and the sunshine Band, "that's the way I like it" is timeless. And this is a really cool electro mix. And listen to the end of the song. Crazy nitendo beeping. Gotta love the beeping!

onsdag 27. august 2008

Traxx I found on the Internet!

1.FIRST UP. An awesome track by Rambrandt that i found on Data Sapiens.
Sounds kinda like Slagsmålsklubben remixing Bloody Beetroits.
Or like if Boys Noize was making music using curcuit-bent-supah-nintendos.
U Get the picture.
Here it is:

Rambrandt - Alarm!


1...2...3...STOP , ALARM !

!Were so gonna play this at our next DJ-set!

Oh! And it´s his 1st track ever.
Props 2 Rambrant! Applauses all around!!

2.SECONDLY, a track Magnus found on Youtube.
Skip halfways through the song, u hear anything familiar...?

Dusty Kid - Riot!

Answer: J****e-S***s(A**o R***x)

Iknow, it´s krazy!

OMG!Daft Punk!OMG!Youtube

Breakwater - Release The Beast
Here is the track Daft Punk got the Robot Rock sample.
By that i mean, removing the vocal track and vocoding "Rock, Robot Rock" over the song...

Daft Punk "sampling" Breakwaters Retro Awesome-Wear
Anyways, care, I still <3 Daft Punk

Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Soulwax Remix)

3.FINALLY another Dusty Kid Track, called The Kitten.

Kitler is evil

It´s like a mix between Dusty Kid's regular kinda minimalistic sound, and the hardcore electrohouse sound u hear on their most famous track "The Cat"

Dusty Kid - The Kitten

Minimalistic cat = Smaller cat = Kitten!
I see what u did there Dusty kid!

"The Cat" Youtube
WARNING!!! This video is totally fucking creepy.
Meaning it´s also totally fucking awesome!
I finally get why the only lyrics in the song is about acid and not a cat...

tirsdag 26. august 2008

Well since we're still at it, heres another brand new killer remix by Soulwax. But since it's not officially realeased yet, all i could find was this crappy live rip.
But don't worry, It's only a matter of time till I get my hands on the proper full quality version of this track.
So until then, enjoy this rip!

MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix)
(ZS) (Download)

And speaking of unrealesed remixes, I also came across this gnarly preview of a new Remix of Late of the Pier by Boys noize.

Late of the Pier - Focker (Boys Noize Remix) (Preview)
(ZS) (Download)


søndag 24. august 2008

Part of the weekend never dies

Hey Boys, Hey girls. Here We Go!
The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)

Buy Soulwax music at Amazon!!

Soulwax will also be coming out with their documentary Part of the Weekend Never Dies in September, and judging from the trailer, i think it's going to be gnarly as hell.
And btw, they will be showing the documentary at this years Electronic and Art festival in Bergen, Ekko.

lørdag 23. august 2008

onsdag 20. august 2008

Weezy Wednesday; Tha Second!

Almost forgot it, but i got some for ya'll. A Milli-Lil Wayne(Dobbel Dutch Remix)

Buy Music at Amazon

2 Fun night, with your favorite disk jockey's Forcekill!

This is tha forcekillas+nico"tha homie"

Intro:Dj Sega-Action News
Yes sir, last saturday we waz doin our thing, dee jaayin' n' eatin' a chicken wing. Spinnin good mp3's at tha club. As usual we filled up the place, and there was a line to get in. People where fighting both inside and outside in the line, awesome!
Crookers-Il Cattivo Plus THUNDER
Herve-Cheap Thrills(Detboi Remix)
This is our second DJ gig, and it was crakin' as much as the first.

Mad Magz takin care of bussiness!
Outlander-The Vamp

Aron iz flexin' technical and fysical mussels!
Flosstradamus-Act a Fool

Martin & Doc.Yeah crakin' it big loudness!
Yea Mayne! Thanks 2 mr.Martin Aronsen 4 them pix!

Buy music here!

onsdag 13. august 2008

NU THANG! Weezy Wednesday; Tha First!

Most of the blogs I read gotz some post with a day, they post new things every week, that weekday comes; like "remix mondays" or "I can lick my toe songs friday".
So I figured I'll start a weezy wednesday, kinda catchy since both words strat on W. Ye! On every weezy wednesday I will post nu remixes of ma mayne lil Wayne! Since he is the most remixed artist in the world, that shouldnt be a problem.

Hehe, yeah, father'n' son love. Hur sum daddy ft. son elecgangsta mix up.
Birdman & Lil Wayne-Pop Bottles(Yea Man remix)
Hur sumtin' that me 'n' ma homeboy Knask made, mmmhmmm, I love dat mash potato!
Lil Wayne-Go Dj(Forcekill+ friends(Aron+Doc.Yeah & Knaska)mix)
And for all the lovers, a sessual song. Disco Villains makes it hot fo'yall, if you wanna have aggresive robotdance sex=P
Lil Wayne-Lollipop(Disco Villains style)

Yepp yepp. Hope you like it, I do.
And yeah, buy Tha Carter 3, iz gangsta!

GET THIS SHIT ON HYPEM! I donno how to do it.

Bouns: Blast From Tha Past!
Read and hear this recent post of ma mayne Mad Magz, geart remixes that me and him found. Iz gonna knock you the fuck out!
Crunka Tuesday #1
Funny, where did "Crunk Thuesday #2" go? Fail.

tirsdag 12. august 2008

Eat Up and Rock Hard


But anyways. A couple of weeks ago i posted Justice's Mix for Dior Hommes spring/summer fashion show. Now i'm dropping this gnarly 6 minuit long re edit of the song, and with little better quality this time.

Justice - Dior Homme Mixe (Edit)


Due to my lack of creativity lately, i dont have much to say about this band, other than that they sound really amazing, with their vintage-flavoured lazer-disco sound and all of that. And i have no doubt that you will enjoy the two tracks i'm posting for you guys.
Jupiter - Chip (ZS) (Mediafire)

Jupiter - I Love America (ZS) (Mediafire)

Myspace Luv

Awww shit! Why Bernie! Rest in Peace.

The last thing the world needed right now, was less comedy. He was one of the greatest comedians, his movies and his stand up show's gave me laughter attacks and made me feel happy. The world needs people like Bernie Mac, people that spreads happyness and laughter kicks. Rest peace in mr. man!

onsdag 6. august 2008


The Australian electro scene is kicking ass atm, and new kid on the block, Redial, is no exception. He's an up and comming producer, and has recentrly released his first ep 'ghost' on ajax' label sweat it out. And now he's back with this Disco Surfer remix from Giko, wich sounds really cool, tough i think some of his old tracks sounds even more amazing, so i'll post some of them to when we're still at it.


Disco Surfer - Redial Remix
(ZS) (Meadiafire)

Redial - Starscream (ZS) (Meadiafire)
Eclier - Boxon Say Hello (Redial Remix) (ZS) (Meadiafire)
Redial - Nighthawk (ZS) (Mediafire)
Redial - Camileon (ZS) (Meadiafire)
Redial - 1985 (Feat. Smacktown) (ZS) (Meadiafire)

Buy Redial's music at Amazon

søndag 3. august 2008

Martin! Errol Alkan & Justice

I usually don´t bother to remix big artist such as justice, considering there are about 200 billion other remixes of justice out there, all sounding pretty much the same.
All, with the exception of a couple awesome ones, like me and Erol Alkans collaboration.

(Me and Erol @ Work)

Teh reason I(And Errol) chose to remix Waters of Nazareth is that, as my mac has crashed, i'm forced to work on my crappy PC.

Besides from the fact that my crappy PC is crappy(Which of course is a problem in itself), the real problem is that i´m stuck with only three songs: Alex Gopher - Aurora,
That Beethoven sample song that comes with the windows OS,
and Waters of Nazareth(Erol alkan durr durr rmx)

I chose to remix the latter, both due to the previously mentioned lack of alternatives and obviously the trax' awesomeness!!
Anyways, this is the result:

Justice - Waters of Nazareth (Martin!s Forcekill Re-Work) MediaFire


lørdag 2. august 2008


Tha Ill Killa BLOGZSTARZ In tha House! Crankin' it drunkeness for all ya non beliveaz. Shit, mayne, 2 drunk 2 fuck up here. We managed to make these killa songz thoug! Hahahahahaha...

Hur's tha mista AX skatin' fo 100 million money!

AX'n'ARN-Go us, casue we're sexy(Go Dj, body Rox recrak drukness mash)YYOUNG WEEZY)

AX'n'ARN-SupaDRunk har du "Sig" tune(Dj Mehdi crackup)

AX'n'ARN-juzz STAY FLY!(We LOVE 3-6-mafia!! Zap! DAgER! love ya tooooo!)Remix oh, we so cool)

!00 milliz maye! We make dat a day! Gotta love thas video, even though they make half a what we dooo! iz tha gangstarast a thym all. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!" Biurdmayne! Lil Wayne! Tha Boss'n' tha besss! 4 tha h00d!