onsdag 20. august 2008

2 Fun night, with your favorite disk jockey's Forcekill!

This is tha forcekillas+nico"tha homie"

Intro:Dj Sega-Action News
Yes sir, last saturday we waz doin our thing, dee jaayin' n' eatin' a chicken wing. Spinnin good mp3's at tha club. As usual we filled up the place, and there was a line to get in. People where fighting both inside and outside in the line, awesome!
Crookers-Il Cattivo Plus THUNDER
Herve-Cheap Thrills(Detboi Remix)
This is our second DJ gig, and it was crakin' as much as the first.

Mad Magz takin care of bussiness!
Outlander-The Vamp

Aron iz flexin' technical and fysical mussels!
Flosstradamus-Act a Fool

Martin & Doc.Yeah crakin' it big loudness!
Yea Mayne! Thanks 2 mr.Martin Aronsen 4 them pix!

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