fredag 29. august 2008


Friday, and all the kids are going out to selebrate the start of the weekend. Me? I'm inside and enjoing the sun, looking up some new music. The goal is to find the best song ever. Maybe it does not exitst? and maybe it does?
I'm comming over some great stuff on the way though.
Three Six Mafia-Stay Fly(Mstrkrft edit)
Ah, Since Flosstradamus did Act a Fool we danced to hip-hop versus electro. The two genre mix up in a dirtydansing wonderchild. Which is kicking ass. I like these "hiptro" mixes, and especially when it's done of the masters of the craft, and with gangsta ass dirty south Three Six. It's a cool thing to do by Mstrkrft.
Dj Maxentropy-The Way We Go
Hehe, allways Kc and the sunshine Band, "that's the way I like it" is timeless. And this is a really cool electro mix. And listen to the end of the song. Crazy nitendo beeping. Gotta love the beeping!

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