fredag 1. august 2008

Introducing Valerie

So you've all probably heard about Valerie by now. A collective composed of music artists in the westcoast of France, consisting of Anoraak, Minitel Rose, Russ Chimes, College, Maethelvin, The Outrunners and Futurecop. It's still a small label, but damn boy, with their super cool futuristic and iconic ’80s TV and movie themes sound and their stunning designs, i really believe that Valerie can be the next huge French label.
Most of their music is available at Itunes store, so click and buy. Valerie is worth your money!

Official Theme of Valerie (Minitel Rose Remix) - West Coast Valerie (DL)
Maethelvin - Dragster (DL)
Maethelvin - Magnetic Tape For Friday's Party (DL)
Xinobi - Day Off(Anoraak Remix) (DL)
Minitel Rose - Business Woman (DL)
Papir Tigre - Concrete Residential (Minitel Rose Remix) (DL)
Minitel Rose - Be With You (DL)
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon(Minitel Rose Remix) (DL)
The Outrunners - These Girls are Dressed to Kill (Minitel Rose Remix) (DL)
The Outrunners - Blazing Speed and Neon Lights With You (DL)
The Outrunners vs Kid Sister - Pro Nails vs Cool Feeling (Them Jeans Blend) (DL)
College - The Light Of Your Dress (DL)
Futurecop - Transformers (DL)
Russ Chimes - Mulsanne (DL)
Russ Chimes - She's Got The Heat (DL)

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