tirsdag 23. september 2008


So, I discovered this amazing French electronic duo called Jaunt, a couple of days ago. Apparently they´re signed by Kris Menace´s label, "Work it Baby".
They have released two songs, which are both amaaazing!

Jaunt´s style reminds me alot of Kris Menace and Lifelike´s dreamy,
space-disco-esque sound. Which I <3! Think Discopolis!

The Tracks are in 64kbps, so I recommend you stop by Beatport and buy them in full 320kbps quality, like me! :D Definitely worth the $3,-

Jaunt - Pulsar (Martin! Approved)

Jaunt - Travelling (Martin! Approved)

mandag 22. september 2008

Daft Punk Samples!

A while back I posted the song Daft Punk sampled to make the song "Robot Rock"
Breakwater - Release The Beast
Anyways, thought i´d be fun to post a couple more! :D

Where I found em!
George Duke - I Love You More
Sample used in: Digital Love

Barry Manilow - Who´s Been Sleeping In My Bed
Sample used in: Superheroes

Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby
Sample used in: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Little Anthony & The Imperials - Can You Imagine
Sample used in: Crescendolls

<3 Daft Punk <3

Kaxe is kakse!

Jippi! My Justice Remix/Re-Edit reached the 13. place on the Hype Machine!
And it reached the top 15 twice, on two separate blogs!

Sundtrak post

Rollin' and Scratchin' post

Thanks to Sundtrak, Rollin and Scratchin and Lemur Blog for posting my mix!

Someone even uploaded it to Youtube! :D

fredag 12. september 2008

Cryptonites @ Kvarteret Saturday

Ahh, it's nice to see how the electro scene in bergen is growing it's strenght back after the bankruptcy of our beloved club Strædet.
And tomorrow no other than Cryptonites, a pair of bang-’em-out dudes from Switzerland who’ve been collecting blog nods and spots in DJs playlists more and more over the past year for their hitting electro, is serving us a heavy bangerish Dj - Set @ Kvarteret, thanks to all the peeps in Borg. Thumbs Up.
So get on them dance shoes and get ready to hit the dance floor.

Cryptonites - Hands of God

Cryptonites - Revolver Disco

tirsdag 9. september 2008

Justice Planispshere Remixed!


No school today, so I decided to remix Justice' amazing new songs
Planisphere 1, 2, 3 and 4, into a single hard remix!

While the "Electro-Opera" Planispere is superb, it kinda lacks the Justice hardcore-electro-house-dancey-ness as we hear in Phantom, Waters of Nasareth etc.

Quite happy with the result, concidering remixing perfect songs is pretty much impossible unless ur Justice, Boys Noize or Soulwax...

Anyways. What I do when I remix is; I cut all the different parts into small pieces.

Sencondly I delete all the slow parts (While awesome, they kinda don´t work when ur dancing @ a club).

Finally, i shred the parts into pieces, move them round, change the pitch/volume etc. I basically do this until I like what I hear.

Justice - Planisphere (Kaxe Remix)


fredag 5. september 2008

Wow! Klumpfisk strikes again!

This Klumpfisk RMX is amazing!

It kinda sounds like if Alex Gopher would remix Crystal Castles by adding awesome-gopher-bass and removing lame-CC-bubble-noizes.

"Klumfisk" have already proved himself by making "Lykke-Li" sound awesome!
(He put a damn guitar solo in "Little Bit"!)

Dramatic Alex Gopher


Lame Crystal Castles


Awesome Fish-Trak

Studio - West Side (Klumpfisk remix)(DL)


onsdag 3. september 2008

Moroder vs Daft Punk

This vid is from February, which is like forever in blog time.
Anyways. According to the person who posted it, the song was out for about an hour on Daft Punx Myspace, before it got removed.

Youtube Link

(Kinda kool video)

Real or Fake? Plz comment!

Was so gonna photoshop Moroder in here, but i didn´t have time...
So this random chinese guy in an awesome sweater´s gonna have to suffice...

The original song is the awesome <3Moroder<3 70´s italo-space-disco song:
Giorgio Moroder - Im left, You´re Right, She´s Gone
Giorgio Moroder - Im left, You´re Right, She´s Gone(Daft Punk Remix?)

Both are in 64kbps, so if u like what u hear you should;
"Go to that record store, steal some records man, I'm telling you I'm broke, but I'm surviving, and I can cope. Yeah, I'm a
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (A-Trak Remix)"
(I´m bored.... a lot)

Maybe it´s fake, maybe not....
But, even if is not a DP RMX, it´s kool!

Enough of the fake Daft Punx... Surely, this is the real deal! Playahz! Huzlaz!

Also, Me and the guy who recomended the Moroder song, Simen, are staring a new art blog. It´s called "Cops & Crooks" and will be up soon! You can find a link, under the Links section.