søndag 31. mai 2009

Summ'in fo y'all

I is checkin' sum new gangsta ass songs fo y'all. I'll be postin them later'z, so stay tooned. Loony tuned. Ya know, peep this in the mean time. Yeah! Form DoC.Yeah!

Haha, this is the original, you know what Walt smoke.

Yeah, Crunk that Mario!

fredag 22. mai 2009

Rock Chop! With Rap Chop!

Haha! This is fun! I love this up in here! We gotz the choped'n'scrud. This is slap'n'scrud. Well I was lookin at our reader statistics and I saw that we had alot of readers, wich is fun for us, and I hope is fun for you as well. I so glad for that someone wants to read our thing here. I'm very greatfull. So I want to post this and I hope y'all think it's as fin as I thought it was. great song to. Haha, Enjoi!
Haha, got to love it. Krazy mad Yeah!

And here is the original, thats a litte fun to. cuz the guy is so corny. I'm gonna try and do a remix chop'n'screwd gangsta chop of this song here, so stay tooned.

Keep slappin' your trobbels away, and love your nuts.
Fo real, 4 life, I know I love my nuts,

torsdag 7. mai 2009

Music Video MAD MAD MAD!

Yeah, I made this up in here. The song is so hard and kick ass that I wanted to make some images for this song. Rock'n'Roll everynight! mad Enjoi!