fredag 22. mai 2009

Rock Chop! With Rap Chop!

Haha! This is fun! I love this up in here! We gotz the choped'n'scrud. This is slap'n'scrud. Well I was lookin at our reader statistics and I saw that we had alot of readers, wich is fun for us, and I hope is fun for you as well. I so glad for that someone wants to read our thing here. I'm very greatfull. So I want to post this and I hope y'all think it's as fin as I thought it was. great song to. Haha, Enjoi!
Haha, got to love it. Krazy mad Yeah!

And here is the original, thats a litte fun to. cuz the guy is so corny. I'm gonna try and do a remix chop'n'screwd gangsta chop of this song here, so stay tooned.

Keep slappin' your trobbels away, and love your nuts.
Fo real, 4 life, I know I love my nuts,

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