lørdag 29. november 2008

Martin Weekend minimix

Heads We Dance - Human Touch (Sidechains Remix)

Justice - Genesis (Datsu Remix)


Munk - Down in LA (Shazam Remix)


These are pretty much my favourite remixers the last couple of months!
Czech out their other remixes and buy their original traxxx at Beatport.

tirsdag 25. november 2008


First out is the Swedish Afasi and Filthy with Norwegian Onkl P. Onkl P has been part of the Norwegian rap scene for ages and this past year, Afasi & Filthy have become Sweden's answer to Houston, TX. I remember when it was released at the Hove Festival earlier this year, but as drunk as I was I Never got the name of the track before now,hehe.

Afasi & Filthy ft. Onkl PP - Opp å Hopp (rørpåræ)

If you're From Norway or Sweeden you've definitely heard about Maskinen and their monster hit "Alla Som Inte Dansar"( Wich was pretty much was ruined for me after it hit the mainstream and was played over and over at every single club in town). The song was written and produced by Frej Larsson, who also is apart of our beloved Slagmålsklubben.
But anyways, Frej larsson has now created a new side project together with Simon Gärdenfors, called Far&Son.

Far&Søn - Panik (Phatzoo Remix)

Some random fidget/electro crunk tracks we for some reason haven't posted yet.

N.A.S.A. ft. Method Man, E40, DJ Swamp - N.A.S.A. Music (LA Riots Remix)

A - Trak - Say Woha(Big Nasty Remix)

MSTRKRFT - Bounce ft. Nore(Felix Cartal Remix)

Lil Jon, Shawty Putt & Too $hort - Dat Baby(Danny Daze Remix)

torsdag 20. november 2008

Justice Unplugged

Saw this funny pic of Justice over at Smuglesning the other day

Gaspard offers a reasonable explanation to the situation tough: "Yeah, shit happens! I remember the story, I couldn't remember the city but i think it was in Manchester. I didn't noticed at first, because as you can see I was looking at the computer to launch the next vocal hook and right after I realised that the blue screen went black, so there was no way possible it could work. So I plugged it back in, big deal! And the next thing you know is this picture."

Don't know whether to believe it or not, but no worries, Forcekill still luvs you
Jousteece <3

Justice - Phantom 1.5 ("Live")

fredag 14. november 2008

Weekly Mstrkrft Remix!

This week, I give you MSTRKRFT's classic remix of Bloc Party´s "Two More Years".
Love it! This song was one of the remixes that got me into MSTRKRFT´s music.
If you haven´t heard it before, I srsly recommend you czech it out!

Bloc Party - Two More Years (MSTRKRFT Remix)

A new remix from Mmmatthias.

Bloc Party - Signs (Mmmatthias Remix)

torsdag 13. november 2008

Tellé Party @ USF Verftet November 22

On the 22nd of November Mikal Telle and his record company are putting together hella party to celebrate the year of 2008. The New Wine are playing their last gig in Norway for a while(they're going on a mini London tour, and are warming up for Zeigest later on in December) and Rubies will play their last show on their European tour, and the guy who will keep the party going tough the night is our beloved King of Space Disco, Lindstrøm.
Yeah, i'm really looking forward to this night and i may even be shooting some party pix!

Lindstrøm - Breakfast in Heaven

LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (Lindstrøm Remix)

Rubies - Stand In Line (shinichi Osawa Remix)

Rubies - I Feel Electric

The New Wine - I Had To Tell You

lørdag 8. november 2008

The Outrunners

I bring you a selection of trax and rmxs from the up and coming french electro duo "The Outrunners"!

They're signed by the awesome retro-space-disco-electro label Valerie,
and, well, basically makes awesome retro-space-disco-electro that´s impossible not to love!
(Just as every other Valerie bands, which is why we <3 them so much)

The Outrunners music basically consist of five awesome ingredients:

1. Pierre de la Touche (Which = awesomest name ever)
2. Stephen Falken
3. 80´s Futuristic -think Skatebaard- Synth.
4. Fred-Falke-like French touch house bass! <3
5. Drums with echo, like in Miami Vice!

Don Johnson = The Outrunners' main source of inspiration

The Outrunners - These Girls Are Dressed To Kill (Livyo Remix)
The Outrunners - These Girls Are Dressed To Kill
The Outrunners - These Girls are Dressed to Kill (Minitel Rose Remix)
The Outrunners vs. Kid sister - Cool Feeling vs Pro Nails (Them James Blend)
DJ DLG & Redroche - On the Run (The Outrunners Remix)
The Outrunners - Blazing Speed and Neon Lights With You

Now you´ll never 'Run Out' of 'Outrunners' trax ever again.
(Get it? Get it?)

Give Them Some <3Love<3!
The Outrunners

Get their trax in full quality at Beatport!

torsdag 6. november 2008

Weekly MSTRKRFT Remix!

New Weekly post!
Let´s start with the timeless Remix classic:

Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTKRFT Remix)


Empire of The Sun - Walking on a Dream (Mobin Master)


Big Barack RACK!

Ass you all know big baRACK! Bah-RACK! Is takin ova!
Yeah, we like that. Gettin some goodmood up in there. I is watin' for a phone call from Chief Bama B.I.G. (which is his new gangsta name) a.k.a. Killa Rackka. a.k.a. Ill President.
Well he's gonna call me, and he's gonna say," aye! Yeah. Come ova and get some ill Forcekill up in here". And we is playin at his vinner party. I'm throwin' up this!
 We is yo friends Brack! And we'll keep it presidentical real. Ass we in eFKay is the presidents of killa music and he becomming a president of a big ass aera. You know, we's have somtin in commun. 
I just wanna say, don't go easy on they ass Obama! Get it real! Fix it up! Yeayh Yeah!

Bonus: Ill sneaker movie!
Cool shoes, get it right!

søndag 2. november 2008

Boys Noize Records

So after a year about a year of riding the coatails of Justice's Cross, Ed Banger has struggled big time to step up and impress. Luckily the kings of party techno, Mr. Rihda's Boys Noize Records (Blog) and himself, are still keepin it real, and has produced a lot of super tight stuff this year. They even realeased Boys Noize Record Vol 1 a month ago or so, and it totally blew my mind.
But anyways, Boys Noize Records consists of artists such as, Boys Noize , D.I.M, Les Petits Pilous, Shadow Dancer, Eastwest, Strip Steve, Darmstadt, Puzique ,djedjotronic ,Einzeller, and Housemeister, and in today’s post, I present a collection of tracks/remixes from some of the artists.

CJ Bolland - Horsepower (Boys Noize Rework)
Housemeister - In Order to Dance (Boys Noize Remix)
Housemeister - In Order to Dance
Late of the Pier - Focker (Boys Noize Terror Remix)
The Faint- The Geeks Where Right (boys Noize vs D.I.M Remix)
Strip Steve - Pacys
Shadow Dancer - Cowboys (Strip Steve Remix)
DSL - Invaders (Djedjotronic Remix)
Djedjotronic - Farandole
Shadow Dancer - Soap
Les Petits Pilous - Wake Up
Siriusmo - Mein Menu Fahrrad (Boys Noize Edit)
Darmstadt - It Has Been Said (Boys Noize Remix)
D.I.M - Is You (Brodinski Remix)


909d1sco was a lesser known alias of Boys Noize. Under the 909d1sco moniker Alex Ridha released the extremely limited vinyl only bootleg entitled 'Donnerstag'.

909d1sco - Donnerstag

909d1sco - Alien Attakk

Get the Boys Noize Volume 1 Here!

Myspace Secret Show / Hamburg / Boys Noize & Housemeister from BNR on Vimeo.


Damn, been dying to see these two robots in action for ages, and after seeing this vid i cant wait to see them when they start touring again in 2010. And word on the street says they are currently in studio working on their new album.

Daft punk @live bercy part 1 bonne kalité
Uploaded by daft69

Daft Punk - Too Long - Crescendolls - High Life(Daft Punk Live Mix)

lørdag 1. november 2008

Martin Halloween Mixxx!

What I´ll be listening this Halloween!

Phonat - Learn To Recycle (Original Mix)

The Screetch - The Screetch (Dusty Kid Momo Mix)
Late Of The Pier - Focker (Boys Noize Terror Re-Did)
Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris - Dance Wiv Me (Shazam Remix)
Inkfish feat. David West - Hello Piano (Sebastien Leger Remix)
DP - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Justin Faust Remix)
Supermal - Light Years (Lifelike Discopolis Remix)
Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat (Cut Copy Remix)
Cosmos - Take Me With You (Aston Shuffle Bootleg)
Dave Darell - Freeloader (Spencer & Hill Remix)

We also received this gnarly mix a while ago made by the billion dollar dj's, enjoy!

Billion Dollar DJ's Halloween Mix