torsdag 6. november 2008

Big Barack RACK!

Ass you all know big baRACK! Bah-RACK! Is takin ova!
Yeah, we like that. Gettin some goodmood up in there. I is watin' for a phone call from Chief Bama B.I.G. (which is his new gangsta name) a.k.a. Killa Rackka. a.k.a. Ill President.
Well he's gonna call me, and he's gonna say," aye! Yeah. Come ova and get some ill Forcekill up in here". And we is playin at his vinner party. I'm throwin' up this!
 We is yo friends Brack! And we'll keep it presidentical real. Ass we in eFKay is the presidents of killa music and he becomming a president of a big ass aera. You know, we's have somtin in commun. 
I just wanna say, don't go easy on they ass Obama! Get it real! Fix it up! Yeayh Yeah!

Bonus: Ill sneaker movie!
Cool shoes, get it right!

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