søndag 2. november 2008

Boys Noize Records

So after a year about a year of riding the coatails of Justice's Cross, Ed Banger has struggled big time to step up and impress. Luckily the kings of party techno, Mr. Rihda's Boys Noize Records (Blog) and himself, are still keepin it real, and has produced a lot of super tight stuff this year. They even realeased Boys Noize Record Vol 1 a month ago or so, and it totally blew my mind.
But anyways, Boys Noize Records consists of artists such as, Boys Noize , D.I.M, Les Petits Pilous, Shadow Dancer, Eastwest, Strip Steve, Darmstadt, Puzique ,djedjotronic ,Einzeller, and Housemeister, and in today’s post, I present a collection of tracks/remixes from some of the artists.

CJ Bolland - Horsepower (Boys Noize Rework)
Housemeister - In Order to Dance (Boys Noize Remix)
Housemeister - In Order to Dance
Late of the Pier - Focker (Boys Noize Terror Remix)
The Faint- The Geeks Where Right (boys Noize vs D.I.M Remix)
Strip Steve - Pacys
Shadow Dancer - Cowboys (Strip Steve Remix)
DSL - Invaders (Djedjotronic Remix)
Djedjotronic - Farandole
Shadow Dancer - Soap
Les Petits Pilous - Wake Up
Siriusmo - Mein Menu Fahrrad (Boys Noize Edit)
Darmstadt - It Has Been Said (Boys Noize Remix)
D.I.M - Is You (Brodinski Remix)


909d1sco was a lesser known alias of Boys Noize. Under the 909d1sco moniker Alex Ridha released the extremely limited vinyl only bootleg entitled 'Donnerstag'.

909d1sco - Donnerstag

909d1sco - Alien Attakk

Get the Boys Noize Volume 1 Here!

Myspace Secret Show / Hamburg / Boys Noize & Housemeister from BNR on Vimeo.

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