søndag 28. juni 2009

Yeah yeah, havin that break, been at tha HOVE festival, Part 1

Je je je, been at tha Hove festival.'
Where we saw ladda kool shit. Konserts evur day.
Dizzin on 50 cent. Krack!¨
Hella kool, Last kiss!
Bromstad Billionaires
Yes! Brrrrrrrrrap!

Klick klack, this husslas knows main, tellin you, real gangstaz from the smalles palce in Norway.

Saw Danger was kickin ass, hella kool Vjing, kool evurthing, gadda love that mask son. Shit's the shit! He was great! didnt play this song though, strange.

Saw you kno, Crookers! That was omfg great, yay yay, mad kids, kickin booty of the floor, shiiit son, yes!
Luvh dat shit!

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