onsdag 3. juni 2009

Krazy hat, Whaaat!

The hat brand "Neff" is teaming up with Steve Aoki. This is stange, what the hell is he got to do with hats. I, you know, thought he wuz takin' photos n makin music. Krazy world we live in. This Neff stuff iz takin ova the worlds heads. Be cearfull, you neva know what they do. A hat iz a thing thats very close to yo brain. They could put sumtin' in that hat, a device that takes ova yo head son. Make you do krazy things, like join the "Neff" crew when you got nutin' to do there. Shit, before you know, they makin' Forcekill hatz, krazy.

But besides the fact he teams up with not so kool headwear buissinesses, the music iz still BANGIN'!

Warp it Down- John Roman Mashup

This is a refix of the song Steve did with The Bloody Beetroots. Real gangsta, hard bangin' track. I like this a lot, 5 Yeahs 4 this one. Play it, dance it, Crunk it, yaddadamein!

Yeah, got it up fo this, sum a dat Kanye West, Lykke Li and Santogold shit, know wuz up. N.A.S.A. Music had the original. And Steve tok the remix. God luck remixin' hats maine. Hopes it works out 4 u. Of course, he's a mafakin millionare. Yey! Cool songs though, headset material, in yo face.

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