lørdag 6. juni 2009

DoC.YEAH! Weekend Top shelf Bangin'! This wuz up

This is Epic, like the Epic man.
As always I has been lookin' 4 tha best trackx, this is what i found the past week. 

This song is so hood. Gaddeeem Project Pat gotz on, luvh dat Pat. Love the stuff he did with Three-Six Mafia as well. Hypnotize. But this track is gangsta,'n Brird Peterson relly crunked it up. I wanna get drunk to this song, that's fo sho. Yeah yhea. Play me sum Pippin' main! Keep it hood, keep it 4zki11.

HELLO  this is the coolest song evur!!
LUVH IT! This the shit son! Yeah, finnaly sombody how gets how it's have to be done. Gun shot's, callS, WHAT! B.Rich iz tha main man. Top top a da shelf. Like top Cat. I bomb a hill on my skateboard with this song on my ears, krazy, i felt like I waz jumpin to light speed, Han Solo shit, of the hook!

Bag Riders, cool name, cool music, gotz sum a that Tubo Love, is cool, good build up, gotz that 80's sound ti it, y'know, like it. 
Got that Snob Scrilla song that prodused by the Bag Riders, sum space love rap is good 4 u.
The original to this song must be my favoritte song of all time. It's been like that sicne 1996, when the best moive in the world came out. With the world's best soundtrak. Why didnt get no Oscars, haters, that's why, this is the greatest moive of all time, Godfather go suck a di*k.
Yeah! Luvh dat! Lmfao's fix aint better that the original. But it aint bad, but how cant anything be bad with this track. Even funerals has to be loads of fun if they play this sing, I want it to be played in my funeral, Yeah! Go and play sum Basket Ball!
Space Jam fo' Life!

BUSTIN' Finish!
Yeah in the end you gotz to bust that move son. I'm tellin you. If you dont, you gonna go home thinkin bout' bustin it. You dont want that now will you. Agian, luvh da oringinal, hread it on the movie Dude Where is My Car, also a great film. And then, And then a bird spoke in my ear about Don killa main tech wiz Rimini remixed it. It's killa, Yeah. 
Listen to sum of this tracks today and rest of the week, and sumtin great gonna happen. You gonna feel Yay! Yay Yay Yay. 
Enjoi, I know you will. 

All tha best! You gotz to YEAH!

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