torsdag 3. desember 2009


Yo! Got some nice heavy bass baltimore club and african beat tracks for you guys today. Been suposed to post a lot of these tracks a long time ago, but figured it would be easier to stack em up in one post.
So get subwoofer going and enjoy :)

Toadally Krossed Out! - Toads Theme

The New Jam - Hatiras
DJ Technics - Mr. Postman
Noob & Brodinski . Peanut Club
Baltimore Club - Come Here Boy
Baltimore Club - B More Bass
Bart B More - Bingo Players (Diplo Remix)
Demian Ngo & Pablo Vegas - Panya Vibe (Original Mix)
French Fries - Coconut ft. Bambounou
Baltimore Club - DA KANGZ IZ HERE!
Zombies (HiJack Remix) - Ursula 1000
Momma's Boy - Give It Up
Momma's Boy Featuring Bloss Hill - Wapomathics
M.I.A - Paper Planes (Scottie B. Remix)
Mat Cant & Scattermish - Hornbo (Sticky K Remix)

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