lørdag 31. januar 2009

Crookers Is On!

I love dis MF band! I've love them sicne evur. But they laid low 4 a while. But now they got aye new track on. What up y'all. Straight gangsta. Always been the hardest. Them two guys iz crazy gangsta. They use they synths as Ak's and bass as bazokaz! Better solos than Van Halen, hard knockin beats that forces you to jump! This shit is a forcekill!

What up y'all-Crookers(DoC.Yeah's kill yo self rmmxxz)

To Protect'n' Entertain-Busy P(Crookers fix)
Kick ass track, WHAT! Flang Flang! Feita!
Gipsy P-Crookers
Get yo gipsy on! Blah Blah!
Dooms Night-Azzido Da Bass(Crookers Krønk)
Air Horns, synths, bass, boom boom voices, this song got it all!

Watch out fo the new Saint Pauli "I need Rythm" ep, with remixes of Tocix avenger and copple of others. But the Tocix Avenger remix iz sick! Iz one a the best songs I've heard. Check it out on hypem.
The EP is out in this month so enjoi or be a emo boi!

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