fredag 24. april 2009

Another Justice Remix! Zomg!

Pictured: 1 minute photoshop...

Justice makes amends after the crappy U2 remix!

The new of Lenny Krawitz' "Let Love Rule" Remix is awesome!

Get it for free! HERE

mandag 13. april 2009

Same Person?

If you wanna DJ, grow a Unibrow and buy a 59fifthy cap.

Boys Noize - Lava Lava (Feadz Remix)
Pretty different from the original. Not a big fan of Feadz normally, but this one is allright.

From Monument to Masses - Beyond God & Elvis (Felix Cartal Remix)

A-Trak - Roder (MIA vs Kavinsky Mashup)

Usually hate mashups, but it´s A-trak...
And it features Tony Montana!

lørdag 4. april 2009

Justice Remixes U2...

Pictured: Wankers

Well... That´s disapponting.... The first Justice Remix in like 6 months... And it´s not danceable... And it´s a remix of U2...

It kinda sounds like they´ve added Bono´s vocals to Planisphere...

Judge for yourselves...

U2 - Get Your Boots (Justice Remix)

But fear not people! Forcekill allways finds the best music! Dance to this instead!

Featured: The most popular band in Ukraine at the moment; "Los Colorados"