fredag 24. oktober 2008


So I´ve been contacted by several artist over the last couple of weeks, and figure I should bring u some of their traxx.

First up is pretty awesome one. It´s like someone tok a Black Devil disco club-italo-beat, added the synth from Dataworx-Control and then VanShe put it all together.
Never mind... Just listen to it yourself.
Picture is showing: "party-vitamins4you"

Vitamins4You - B4U (TMDP Remix)


Secondly a parisian electro-pop-band called Junesex.
They say they are into electro and house, just like Forcekill! Krazy!
They sort of remind me of Cassius and the 'more pop, less electronica' songs of Air.
I like it, it´s not party-makin'-music (unless ur parties are srsly chillout).
But it´s nice, the kind of music u´d like to listen to when ur sick and just wanna relax.
Picture is showing; what happens when ur graphic designer drops acid and goes all Dali on your cover art.

Junesex - Worst than love

Throwing in a remix 2! Which fits perfectly in the jazz-tech-house-electronica-space-disco genre.

Junesex - Worst Than Love (Gilb'R's Remix)

Billion Dollar DJs sent us like a billion remixes,
!Thanks for the massive e-mail guys!
But I wont post them all since it´ll take like.. a really long time.
But i´ll give you this, which is kind of an old remix(in blog time).
But, its still nice.
Pic showing: $ found in a Cocain-mob-boss' secret evil lair.

CSS - Alala (Billon Dollar DJs Remix)

Finally, a new track from a french guy called LX-iR.
It´s a nintendo sounding tune. I like it! Reminds me of playing Pokemon on my gameboy!
Picture showing: Bonus! LX-iR looks like Surkin with wayfarers.

LX-iR - Donut

søndag 19. oktober 2008

Etienne De Crecy

To be honest, I've never been really in to Etienne De Crecy's stuff, probably because i haven't heard enough of it tough. But anyways, I came across this live footage of him from the Solidays festival, and I really dig the visualization he has put together for his live shows. Thumbs up.

fredag 10. oktober 2008

A Cross The Universe

Find your red marker pen and put a X in your calender! Justice, Kavinsky, Busy P and even So me visits Oslo Okt. 22 to promote Justice's new Documentary Across The Universe!

So go go and get your tickets to one of the gnarliest parties of the Year!


fredag 3. oktober 2008

Martin Mixxx!

This time, the Martin Mixxx is in a mixtape format!

Martin! - Chillectrohouse(Mediafire)

Williams - Poltergeist - Original Mix
Jaunt - Pulsar - Original Mix
Pryda - F12 (Original Mix)
Deadmau5 - Brazil
Kris Menace & Fred Falke - Fairlight
Jaunt - Travelling - Original Mix
The Screetch - The Screetch - The Screetch (Dusty Kid Momo Mix)
Futurecop! - Starworshipper
Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis
Todd Terje - Eurodans
Pryda - Frankfurt
Enzo Ponzio - Italian Boy
John Dahlback - Pyramid
Steve Angello And Sebastian Ingrosso - Partouze (Original Mix)

onsdag 1. oktober 2008

Futurecop Remixed

Eyy! Got a nice little surprise when I opened my mailbox today. The cause of my excitement was that we had received an e-mail from none other than The Cryptonites
(With whom we had a little chat with during their gig in Bergen a couple of weeks ago)
Anyways, they wanted to share with us, an unrealesed remix they had made of Futurecops track NASA!
Here´s what they said:

"Below a link to a remix we did already a couple of months ago in April for our friends from Futurecop! It was supposed to be on their first EP but they decided to go a completely new direction with their EP and have opted not to use our remix on the release. Now we would like to share this remix with you. It's pretty much pop music with orchestra and 80's influences. We hope you like it.."

Hell yeah! We love it! Thumbs up!


Futurecops - Nasa(Cryptonites Remix)

If you like what you hear, show The Cryptonites some myspace luv and check out all the other gnarly song they've made.