torsdag 5. november 2009


Been surfing NRK/Urørt

First up a guy called Ketz. He was apparently a crappy guitarist, until he found FL-Studio. Now hes an awesome guitarist... Midi-style... He also works as a DJ! +5 Forcepoints.

As for the song; it´s kinda progressive house/Electro house...
Think Axwell/Pryda/Angello/Ingrosso aka. Swedish House Mafia, or Deadmau5 perhaps.

Best norwegian prog house production i´ve heard since ever.

Ketz - Strobes

Next up, Munn til Munn Metoden, which means CPR in Norwegian.


Munn til Munn metoden are two guys from Fredrikstad.

Pictured: Approximation to what MTMM looks like.

Their song is pure, awesome electro. With violins! Omg!
Czech it out:

Munn til Munn Metoden - Avante Electro

The last song is disco... But relax, it´s not the boring kind of blog disco house that everyone listened to a year ago.. It´s awesome! It´s 300 Kelvin!

300 Kelvin - 24hr Shopkeep He is also using Myspace.

Pictured: People still listening to the Valerie label...

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