torsdag 29. oktober 2009

Strip Steve

Jesus! This guy is awesome!
Strip Steve! One of the few producers who successfully manages to take French-filter-house-touch-genre to the future. (Unlike Fred Falke)

The last Strip Steve remixed ive discovered!

Das Glow - Lite Brite(Strip Steve Remix)

Be sure to check out Das Glow as well. One of my other favourite artist atm.

This Strip Steve Remix is one of the first electro remixes i ever listened to.

Adam Kesher - Irene (Strip Steve Remix)

Ckesh out Adam KEsher, NuRaveish-Electropop, not my thing, but allright.

Strip Steve Forcekillin'

Heres a track from his EP - Skip School.
Buy it! Every last track is simply amazing! Especially "You & I"!

Strip Steve - Tommy Boy

Also! hes got a NEW EP OUT SOON!

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