tirsdag 27. oktober 2009


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One of the most exciting new norwegian house producers,
is the 16 year old Dr. Silver from Forcekills hometown Bergen, Norway.

Dr.Silver is the inventor of silver-house and pioneered the usage of CDs on vinyl-turntables.

SebastiAn using the Silver-technique

Anyways, czech out his tracks:

Dr. Silver - Jupiter

Dr. Silver - Tonight

Dr. Silver - Walken

Actual picture of Doctor Silver (according to google image-search)...

...lookin at x-ray boobies.

Although no one really knows the true identity of Dr.Silver his full name is believed to be Dr. Birkir Mar Sævarsson Silver

According to Pete Tong, Dr.Silver is both Fake Blood and Miike Snow.

Miike Snow - Animal (Fake Blood Remix)

(Thanks to Tracasseur for the Fake Blood Track, check out their awesome Miike Snow post)

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