mandag 2. mars 2009

The Man With The Red Face!

Here´s a song I heard during Coltsfoot set at Kvarteret in Bergen this Saturday.

Mark Knight Feat. Funkagenda - The Man With The Red Face <3 <3

Bare in mind that this is a shorter and lower quality version than the original...
The full track is a massive 10:30 minutes of Jazzy Electrotechhouse. Totally worth a couple of your well earned $$! Beatport it now!

Pictured: "Pitheciidae Cacajao Calvus" aka. "Bald Uakari" aka.
"The Monkey With The Red Face"

1 kommentar:

  1. Haha, digger den nye forcekill headeren! Way 2 Go! Som je sku gjort det sjæl!