lørdag 8. november 2008

The Outrunners

I bring you a selection of trax and rmxs from the up and coming french electro duo "The Outrunners"!

They're signed by the awesome retro-space-disco-electro label Valerie,
and, well, basically makes awesome retro-space-disco-electro that´s impossible not to love!
(Just as every other Valerie bands, which is why we <3 them so much)

The Outrunners music basically consist of five awesome ingredients:

1. Pierre de la Touche (Which = awesomest name ever)
2. Stephen Falken
3. 80´s Futuristic -think Skatebaard- Synth.
4. Fred-Falke-like French touch house bass! <3
5. Drums with echo, like in Miami Vice!

Don Johnson = The Outrunners' main source of inspiration

The Outrunners - These Girls Are Dressed To Kill (Livyo Remix)
The Outrunners - These Girls Are Dressed To Kill
The Outrunners - These Girls are Dressed to Kill (Minitel Rose Remix)
The Outrunners vs. Kid sister - Cool Feeling vs Pro Nails (Them James Blend)
DJ DLG & Redroche - On the Run (The Outrunners Remix)
The Outrunners - Blazing Speed and Neon Lights With You

Now you´ll never 'Run Out' of 'Outrunners' trax ever again.
(Get it? Get it?)

Give Them Some <3Love<3!
The Outrunners

Get their trax in full quality at Beatport!

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