onsdag 3. september 2008

Moroder vs Daft Punk

This vid is from February, which is like forever in blog time.
Anyways. According to the person who posted it, the song was out for about an hour on Daft Punx Myspace, before it got removed.

Youtube Link

(Kinda kool video)

Real or Fake? Plz comment!

Was so gonna photoshop Moroder in here, but i didn´t have time...
So this random chinese guy in an awesome sweater´s gonna have to suffice...

The original song is the awesome <3Moroder<3 70´s italo-space-disco song:
Giorgio Moroder - Im left, You´re Right, She´s Gone
Giorgio Moroder - Im left, You´re Right, She´s Gone(Daft Punk Remix?)

Both are in 64kbps, so if u like what u hear you should;
"Go to that record store, steal some records man, I'm telling you I'm broke, but I'm surviving, and I can cope. Yeah, I'm a
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (A-Trak Remix)"
(I´m bored.... a lot)

Maybe it´s fake, maybe not....
But, even if is not a DP RMX, it´s kool!

Enough of the fake Daft Punx... Surely, this is the real deal! Playahz! Huzlaz!

Also, Me and the guy who recomended the Moroder song, Simen, are staring a new art blog. It´s called "Cops & Crooks" and will be up soon! You can find a link, under the Links section.


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