tirsdag 9. september 2008

Justice Planispshere Remixed!


No school today, so I decided to remix Justice' amazing new songs
Planisphere 1, 2, 3 and 4, into a single hard remix!

While the "Electro-Opera" Planispere is superb, it kinda lacks the Justice hardcore-electro-house-dancey-ness as we hear in Phantom, Waters of Nasareth etc.

Quite happy with the result, concidering remixing perfect songs is pretty much impossible unless ur Justice, Boys Noize or Soulwax...

Anyways. What I do when I remix is; I cut all the different parts into small pieces.

Sencondly I delete all the slow parts (While awesome, they kinda don´t work when ur dancing @ a club).

Finally, i shred the parts into pieces, move them round, change the pitch/volume etc. I basically do this until I like what I hear.

Justice - Planisphere (Kaxe Remix)


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