onsdag 27. august 2008

Traxx I found on the Internet!

1.FIRST UP. An awesome track by Rambrandt that i found on Data Sapiens.
Sounds kinda like Slagsmålsklubben remixing Bloody Beetroits.
Or like if Boys Noize was making music using curcuit-bent-supah-nintendos.
U Get the picture.
Here it is:

Rambrandt - Alarm!


1...2...3...STOP , ALARM !

!Were so gonna play this at our next DJ-set!

Oh! And it´s his 1st track ever.
Props 2 Rambrant! Applauses all around!!

2.SECONDLY, a track Magnus found on Youtube.
Skip halfways through the song, u hear anything familiar...?

Dusty Kid - Riot!

Answer: J****e-S***s(A**o R***x)

Iknow, it´s krazy!

OMG!Daft Punk!OMG!Youtube

Breakwater - Release The Beast
Here is the track Daft Punk got the Robot Rock sample.
By that i mean, removing the vocal track and vocoding "Rock, Robot Rock" over the song...

Daft Punk "sampling" Breakwaters Retro Awesome-Wear
Anyways, care, I still <3 Daft Punk

Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Soulwax Remix)

3.FINALLY another Dusty Kid Track, called The Kitten.

Kitler is evil

It´s like a mix between Dusty Kid's regular kinda minimalistic sound, and the hardcore electrohouse sound u hear on their most famous track "The Cat"

Dusty Kid - The Kitten

Minimalistic cat = Smaller cat = Kitten!
I see what u did there Dusty kid!

"The Cat" Youtube
WARNING!!! This video is totally fucking creepy.
Meaning it´s also totally fucking awesome!
I finally get why the only lyrics in the song is about acid and not a cat...

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