søndag 3. august 2008

Martin! Errol Alkan & Justice

I usually don´t bother to remix big artist such as justice, considering there are about 200 billion other remixes of justice out there, all sounding pretty much the same.
All, with the exception of a couple awesome ones, like me and Erol Alkans collaboration.

(Me and Erol @ Work)

Teh reason I(And Errol) chose to remix Waters of Nazareth is that, as my mac has crashed, i'm forced to work on my crappy PC.

Besides from the fact that my crappy PC is crappy(Which of course is a problem in itself), the real problem is that i´m stuck with only three songs: Alex Gopher - Aurora,
That Beethoven sample song that comes with the windows OS,
and Waters of Nazareth(Erol alkan durr durr rmx)

I chose to remix the latter, both due to the previously mentioned lack of alternatives and obviously the trax' awesomeness!!
Anyways, this is the result:

Justice - Waters of Nazareth (Martin!s Forcekill Re-Work) MediaFire


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  1. Herre nasareth! Fy søren den var utrolig bra Matrin! Skillz dat Forcekillz!